How It Works

The Work Shop is a coworking experiment in downtown Davis intended for freelancers,telecommuters, poets, playwrights, programmers, designers, dissertators, educators, and anyone else who needs a productive space to work on a short-term or long-term project.

Escape the isolation and dirty dishes at home, the pressure of your boss and work phone in your real office, or the crowds and occupied electrical outlets of the cafe. Bring your laptop or pen and paper, and even your favorite chair if you want; you will find wi-fi, desk or table space, electrical outlets, peace and quiet, and other independent and creative people who are getting their work done.

Ground rules

  1. The Work Shop offers two types of spaces: a quiet work space and a work space where cell phone calls, meetings, and conversations are allowed.
  2. Short phone calls within the quiet work space are fine (< 1 minute); longer calls can  be taken in the cell phone room, the balcony, or outside.
  3. Same as above for face-to-face conversations.
  4. Everyone cleans up after themselves (to see who belongs to the cleaning crew, look in the mirror).
  5. All coworkers are invited to bring a chair of their own. If others are not invited to use it in your absence, a note with your name must be kept on it at all times.
  6. After hours, rules 1-3 may go out the window, depending on coworkers’ needs (the space can be used for gatherings of all kinds, according to coworker interests).

Note: These apply during the experimental phase in the current space; if you have needs not met by these rules, please fill out our survey and let us know what you are looking for (button at the top of the page).


$120 – Monthly rate for space at a table
(24/7 access + evening/weekend meeting scheduling privileges)

$220 – Monthly rate for your own desk *
(24/7 access + evening/weekend meeting scheduling privileges)
* Monthly deskshares are encouraged; we can help you find someone to share a desk with if you don’t already know someone.

Availability and waitlist system (subject to change)

  • 7 desks are available (5 in the quiet space and 2 in the cell phone space), with a waitlist created once those are taken.

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