Frequently Asked Questions

What are the hours of operation?
The Work Shop is available for coworking at all times, and for meetings in the evening and on weekends. Monthly members have 24/7 access, working around scheduled evening and weekend meetings.

Is coworking at The Work Shop for me?
It depends. Do you have work to do that requires focus? Are you more productive if you separate work time from play time rather than leading the ‘mush life’ where work is potentially happening at all times? Are you more productive when you are around other people who are getting their work done? Do you enjoy working at cafes but wish there were more power outlets and less guilt about the ratio of your purchase amount to the duration of your table-occupation? If so, it’s worth a try.

I have a home office… so why should I consider coworking at The Work Shop?
It depends. Is there joy for you in working from home, or is the joy gone on some days? Can you stay focused on your work at home, or are you distracted by the gravitational pull of kids, roommates, pets, housework, yard work, or anything else? Breaking up your routine by coming in to The Work Shop a few days a week, or for a few hours each day, may be just the thing to make your work time more functional wherever it happens.

I have to talk on the phone for work. Is that possible? 
The Work Shop has two spaces: one primarily for quiet work and one where phone calls, meetings and conversation is possible. If you have a desk or table in the quiet working space but need to make the occasional call, then you can use the conference/cell phone room, the sitting area outside the quiet working space, or even the balcony overlooking E street and the Pence Gallery courtyard. 

When can I use the conference room?
The conference room can be reserved for private, confidential meetings after 5pm during the week any time and on weekends. It can be reserved for meetings at any time otherwise, but please respect the other coworking members who may need to use the conference room at the same time.

Is there a printer?
Yes, a laser printer is available for occasional light printing (included in prices). For heavier printing, we can work something out depending on the amount.

Is there a scanner?

Is there a refrigerator?

Is there a microwave?

Can I leave things in my desk?
Yes, at your own risk; leaving valuables is not advised.

Is there coffee?
Yes, but everyone chips in for coffee purchase or feel free to bring your own coffee. We do have a coffee pot. There are five cafes within a 3-minute walking distance from The Work Shop (Tea List, Cloud Forest, Mishka’s, Starbucks and Peets); Delta of Venus is two-and-a-half blocks away.

What if I am interested in coworking in a different way from how The Work Shop is set up?
Please let us know what your interests are! We are open to expanding and adapting the existing project to accommodate additional interests, and we can also connect you with others to see about launching another coworking space in town.